Monday, August 21, 2006

"Did the Patriots' season start yet?"


OMG, I would've been happy with two out of five, but we swept the Red Sox.

I like what this guy from Newsday posted in his blog:

There are things you know you want to say to those obnoxious, annoying Red Sox fans in your office but you're afraid to because you have to work with these people and you fear repercussions down the line. Understandable. I'm here to help. Just print these out and send it via interoffice mail so they can't figure out who it is.

"Ortiz really had an MVP performance this weekend."

"Youkilis hitting behind Manny is the worst protection I've seen since Pagliarulo hit behind Balboni in 1989."

"Hey, Red Sox Nation, you've got a top-notch bullpen up there!"

"Boy that Coco Crisp is one heck of a player. And a much better value than Johnny "10-for-23, 8 RBIs" Damon. Good call."

"I'll have to double-check the box scores, but I'm fairly certain I saw Alex Rodriguez deliver a few key hits in important spots."

"Did the Patriots' season start yet?"

"Dude, Kyle Farnsworth got the save. Kyle Farnsworth! It hurts, doesn't it?"


But God knows, we'll go out west and drop 4 out of 6 to Seattle and the Angels and the Sox will be right back in it.



Luke Cage said...

Noooo Miss Michelle. Don't say that. (even though, part of me feels that way too) But I hope that with this sweep, that a roll will begin that will take them deep into the season and hopefully into the playoffs. Red Sox nation is in a state of panic, but it'll do us no good, if we let them right back in it!

Michelle Pessoa said...

Well, looks like I was right. We've lost four games already on this road trip. Thankfully the BoSox have been losing right along with us.