Thursday, August 10, 2006

Unicorns are Rad

Yes, unicorns are rad. And they’re not just for girls -- guy’s dig ‘em too. I blame my co-worker Nicole for giving me the scoop on a male unicorn enthusiast’s site.

An excerpt:
The story behind this is simple I guess... a "fair" maiden coaxed him to lie in a peaceful glade, then held fast to his head while men and hounds leapt out of ambush and cut the magical horn from his brow. Now, he's PISSED!!! Which makes this picture completely and totally rad.

Which goes to show all the wonderful things you can find on the internet. Did you know that there are directions on how to field dress a unicorn? And there's even a site where you can purchase an action figure unicorn that spears a mime!


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Nicole said...

Michelle, did you read the "field dressing" guide? Hilarious (though gruesome)! My favorite line was about removing the unicorn's horn: It's a tough job as the horn is protected by magic powers and stuff but you can do it! Drink a Red Bull! Once you hose the horn off, sell it somewhere shady. Like China.

Red Bull is the answer to everything!

Michelle Pessoa said...

Check out this unicorn action figure set:

The Cold War Unicorns play set can help you relive the good old days when the bad guys wore red, and the good guys wore red, white, and blue.

Recreate the cold war in your living room as the "commie" unicorn and the "freedom" unicorn battle each other for global domination.

Luke Cage said...

Unicorns are the shit! I have a large painting of one in my house. I've loved them and Pegasus forever!