Monday, August 28, 2006

Survivor & Race: Panama: Exile Island

Last in my series of observations about racial elements in Survivor.

Panama: Exile Island: Bobby, an attorney, was on the "young male" team. Cirie, a nurse, was on the "older women" team. Cirie was grossly overweight and had no outdoors skills, but she managed to survive being voted out in episode one while a much fitter woman was ousted. In episode 2 the four teams were consolidated into two and Cirie chose Bobby to be on the Casaya team. In episode 4 Bobby was described by Danielle, a white female teammate, as “not being a gentleman” because he wanted to use the bathroom won in an immunity challenge as a bathroom (God forbid) instead of as a storage shed for wood. She later also accused him of not helping in the camp when others were complaining about her not helping out.

In episode 5 Bobby won the food challenge for the team, but when the team lost the immunity challenge, Danielle engineered for Bobby to be voted off. She described him as “selfish” for sleeping in the outhouse and sharing a bottle of wine with Bruce, the Japanese man. Strangely, Bruce, equally culpable, was never penalized for that indiscretion. Bruce made it to the final six, but exited the game because of a medical emergency. Cirie, initially considered "lazy" because of her lack of outdoors skils, made it to the final four, but lost a tie-breaking fire building challenge.
That's pretty much the run down of race and Survivor. There's at least one Survivor season I didn't see, so I'll add that if it comes on OLN.

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