Friday, August 18, 2006

Do the Math

I was nervous about this five-game death match the Yanks have with Boston starting this afternoon until I did the math. Since we’re currently up by 1-1/2 games, these are the possible scenarios:

5-0: We leave Boston 6-1/2 games in front. Woo Hoo!
4-1: We leave 4-1/2 games up. Solid.
3-2: We’re 2-1/2 up. Livable.
2-3: We’re a 1/2 game up. Hey, a lead is a lead.
1-4: Oops, we’re 1-1/2 games down. We could reclaim the lead again by Wednesday.
0-5: Holy Shit! 3-1/2 down! But we were down by more than that earlier this summer.

I think the most likely scenario is a 3-2 or 2-3 split. Surely we can win two stinking games up there. The key is taking one of the games of today’s doubleheader.


Luke Cage said...

Michelle, after the thrashing they just took from the O's at home no less this week (1-3) they better bring their "A" game to Fenway. I was laughing at the PTI guys when folks all over were writing the Red Sox off.

I HAD NO IDEA WHY they felt the Sox were done with a month 1/2 of baseball to play. Did everyone forget that the Yankees were once down 13 1/2 games to the Sox in August back in the 70's and staged that crazy comeback to set up the 1 game playoff in Fenway. Bucky F@#%ing Dent okay?

So I'd be happy with a 2-3 scenario, but you know being the Yankee fan that I am, I'm going for 4-1! But the key is today's double header. They get swept, the season won't be over, but the Yanks will be on their heels and the Sawks will be in their psyche! Now, PLAY BALL!!!!

Michelle Pessoa said...

It ain't over 'til it's over, but baby, we're killin' 'em. :)

On another note, the Mets may be in big trouble. Glavine may be having surgery.