Tuesday, August 08, 2006

How the iPod is Changing Major League Baseball

I'm close to buying a new iPod because I'm tired of my Shuffle. I was doing some research and I came across this:

The iPods are changing the way everything works, even in pro sports. Professional athletes have discovered a new use for the iPod: Using it to study their opponents. The Colorado Rockies are using it to check out batting styles. It’s a clever idea: Keep a portable reference of your rivals and study them, with a hard drive that fits in your pocket.

Who knew? But the Rockies still suck.



Luke Cage said...

Actually, I think they were doing this last season in the NBA. About time MLB caught on. You're right.. it hasn't worked so well for Colorado huh?

Lt. Cmdr Oneida said...

Actually, Colorado is going much better this season than well, pretty much all of their existence. They were at the top of their division for a bit, granted it's a pretty crummy division, so that doesn't mean all that much.

I still like the Mets

Michelle Pessoa said...

The Mets are coasting into the post season, and they should make it to the World Series, but you never know. On paper they're much, much better than the other NL teams, but never forget what happened to the cocky 1988 Mets. They won every regular season game against the Dodgers, then lost to them in the NLDS. That was a shocker.

Anyone can win the NL West. I think the Padres will hold on, but a hot streak at the end of September could be the difference.