Monday, August 07, 2006

'Superman Returns' director signs TV deal

From Digital Spy:

Superman Returns director Bryan Singer has secured a massive contract to develop new shows for television channel ABC.

In a deal reported to have reached the seven-figures mark, Singer will work on three new scripts, one of which is assured to be a pilot that he will helm.

Talking about his newfound enthusiasm for medium of television, the director explained to The Hollywood Reporter: "You put something together in a quick time frame and get to create something that could have a long-lasting effect. [Also] television has an organic quality to it. Movies are pretty set. TV shows are open-ended, they can evolve over time."

His previous television experience includes developing sci-fi series Battlestar Galactica and also directed and produced episodes of the hit show House.

Interesting. With the success of Lost, maybe ABC has an appetite for pseudo fantasy fare, but mainstream TV has yet to show me that it’s really willing to give straight-up Sci-Fi and Fantasy a chance to build a fanbase unless it masquerades as a drama (as Lost does). The X-Files would’ve been pulled after half a season if it hadn’t been on Fox. Let’s see what Bryan is able to come up with and develop for the small screen.

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Lt. Cmdr Oneida said...

I'm always a bit amused and bemused by how people use the word organic. It's become this wonderful word of many meanings, though none of them seem to be it's real meaning. I really love the 'it's organic, so therefore, it is good, healthy and safe'. Rightttt.... I always wonder how those people would do in an O-Chem lab, I suspect it'd be a nasty shock to them.

As for Sci-Fi and Fantasy, if it has half naked girls, stuff that blows up and cat fights, it'll do fine.

Luke Cage said...

So now he's switched to doing stuff for tv huh? I guess the sting of the dud that was Superman Returns completely flipped my man upside down. Heck, I'd do tv too. You don't mess up the world's most recognizable icon everyday...Michelle, I so agree with you on the whole X-Files being pulled if it was on ANY other network but Fox. Geez.. they pull the plug so fast on stuff today. Can you say FireFly???

Michelle Pessoa said...

I'm trying to think of what kind of stories they would show on a Sci-Fi or Fantasy show that didn't have naked girls and stuff blowing up. I guess it might be like the X-Files. The one time it would be a good idea to copy a winning formula, they don't do it.

I need to blog about Superman Returns. It was wrong on so many levels.