Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Dominican Dandies

Is Yankees announcer John Sterling hitting the sauce? He's been getting increasingly erratic this season. It's a daily ritual for the radio personalities on WFAN to mock him, and they're going to have a field day tomorrow.

Just now in the top of the 6th inning of a game where Randy Johnson is throwing a no-hitter, 2nd baseman Robinson Cano hit a homerun. Sterling shouted with glee, "The Dominican Dandies have done it again!"

I'm like, WTF?

What he was trying to say was Cano and his buddy Melky both hit homers in this game, and isn't that great, but "Dominican Dandies"?


Yo, no-hitter through 6. But Randy won't complete this game.

UPDATE: Yup, I was right. It's the bottom of the 7th, the no-hitter is gone and Randy is getting lit the fuck up. They've scored two runs already and no one's out. Joe had to yank him.

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Luke Cage said...

LOL!!!@ you taking a chunk out of John Sterling's azz. My brother and I laughed at him one day. He did one of his "Seeeeeya" remarks after a Yankee had hit a homerun. And I don't know whether dude's tongue got stuck around the -ya part, but all you heard was Seeeeeeeee... and then ya like he had been distracted or something. Living in Va, I don't get too many local Yankee games unless they are playing the Orioles or the Nationals so I have to rely on the box store. Once I saw the no-hitter go away, I figured Joe better pull him. 2 runs later, dude was outta there!

Michelle Pessoa said...

Michael Kay is the one who usually does the “Seeeeeya!” home run call. Sterling likes to say, “It is HIGH, it is FAR, it is GONE!” And he always has to come up with something that incorporates a silly nickname:

“An A-bomb! For A-rod!”

“The Giambino!”

“Burn, Baby, Burn!” (for Bernie Williams)

“The Melk Man delivers!” (For Melky Cabrerra)

And so on.

I usually find him funny, but he’s starting to worry me. He’s missing a lot of calls too. He’ll start a home run call then realize the ball is going to be caught. Oops!