Saturday, March 25, 2006

Attack of the Name Game

I'm set on a girl's name (Ariel Francesca Pessoa), but I still haven't made a decision about a boy's name.

I keep playing around with different variations:

Bryce Orlando Pessoa
Raphael Orlando Pessoa
Orlando Raphael Pessoa
Bryce Edgar Pessoa
Orlando Bryce Pessoa
Raphael Bryce Pessoa

And so on with the permutations. Down the road, will these names look bad on a resume or a loan application? I'm not sure. :(

I also have to think about the initials:


Are these funny? Would the child be teased if I put these initials on his backpack? I'm not sure.

I can't decide. :(


Lt. Cmdr Oneida said...

Well, at least you are taking the initals into consideration. I have friends who named their son Aaron b/c they (mom) wanted him to have a name that didn't rhyme with anything (she's an engineer, all I can say). Well, when they had their second child, they wanted the same concept, but I think Dad got to name the kid (he's a computer person). The little girl is named Sigourney. Yeah, nothing could possibly rhyme with that name.

Good luck picking a name :)

JamaicanQueen said...

Try yelling the names down a hall or stairs. If you stumble across it, it might not work when you have to actually use it. But personally, I like Raphael Bryce Pessoa. It has a nice ring to it.

flu said...

funny, I was figuring the initials before scrolling down to see that you were taking them into consideration.

I don't think BOP or ORP would be too bad - neither are like what Samuel Adam Pessoa, or some other name combinations could possibly bring.

Personally, I'm likin the Orlando Bryce.

Michelle Pessoa said...

JQ, LOL! I can see myself yelling, "BRYCE! Get away from the stove!" :)

I think "Orlando" would end up getting shortened to "Lando" at some point. I have an uncle "Fernando," and we always chop off the first syllable and call him "Nando."

I think "Raphael" might get "Anglicized" to "Ralph" by the boy's classmates. I'm not sure if I like "Ralph," though it's not bad.

Fluke, I agree. "SAP" is pretty bad. ;)

You've inspired me to think of some other bad ones:

George Anthony Pessoa
Jorge Arturo Pessoa
Leo Ivan Pessoa
Maxwell Omar Pessoa
Nigel Alfredo Pessoa
Dimitri Ibrahim Pessoa
Pablo Ulysses Pessoa

Michelle Pessoa said...

Oneida, "Sigourney" is such a big name for a little kid. Whew!

Lt. Cmdr Oneida said...

yeah, and it rhymes with somethings that will really make the kid dislike her parents in middle school.

And I like Orlando as a first name. And the initals are really only an issue if they spell things like DUH or PMS. Mine are CIG, which could have been bad, but never were.

JamaicanQueen said...

OHHHH!!! Go with Nigel!!! I love that name, in fact it is my son's.

Michelle Pessoa said...

I was thinking of "Rigel," actually. ;)