Saturday, March 11, 2006

BSG: Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 2

It's official. This show is no longer on my "must see" list.

The new season won't start until October, but it won't seem like a long wait because I don't care what happens anymore. I no longer like any of the characters.


The attack on Kara's people and Anders' group ends and after about 18 hours the humans come out and discover the Cylons are gone. Brother Cavil (Dean Stockwell) declares it's a miracle. Of course, since we know Cavil is simultaneously on the Galactica, we know he's a Cylon. Tyrol ID's him when Kara's group arrives back on Galactica. Cavil says he has a message -- the Cylons have abandoned Caprica and the Colonies because "the heroes of the Cylon" -- Sharon and Number Six -- have persuaded the race that they were wrong to wipe out humanity. Gee, that was easy!

Laura meets privately with Baltar and urges him to make a joint statement with her tabling the talk of settling on New Caprica until after the election. He refuses and sees it as a sign of desperation on her part. Before he goes she reveals to Baltar that she saw him on Caprica on the day of the attack with "the blond Cylon." He denies it.

The presidential campaign is over and the votes are being counted. Surprise! There's voting fraud, but guess what? It's Laura's people who are behind it. Innocent Gaeta discovers that the ballots from one of the last freighters to be counted were frauds. Amazingly, the conspiracy involved Laura's campaign manager, Col. Tigh, and Dualla -- a very unlikely group. Gaeta, distrusting Tigh, reports the fraud directly to Adama, and Adama comes to Laura with the news. She admits that she knew her campaign manager was going to try something if the votes got too tight. She tells him about Baltar and his connection to the Cylons, and urges him to help her go ahead with the fraudulent election. He talks her out of it and Baltar is contacted to let him know he's now President.

Baltar celebrates by going over to the Rising Star to screw Gina, the Pegasus Number Six. She celebrates by detonating the nuclear bomb he gave her, destroying the Rising Star and killing God knows how many more innocent people.

Suddenly it's a year later.


President Baltar, bored but still whoring, is dealing with a union strike. Only a handful of people are still on the Galactica and the Pegasus with the rest now living on New Caprica. Laura is a school teacher again. Callie is pregnant with Tyrol's child. Kara has married Anders, who spends his time playing pickup ballgames in the mud while fighting off pneumonia.

Guess what suddenly happens?

The humans are caught with their pants down once again as Cylon raiders fill the sky. The two battlestars and the rest of the fleet jump away, leaving those on the planet on their own. Some human Cylon models march into Baltar's office and he quickly surrenders on behalf of what's left of humanity.

End of season 2.

Things I Liked

  • Nothing.

  • Okay, I liked the fact that Laura didn't go through with stealing the election.

Things I Didn't Like
  • The flash forward to a year later was bullshit. It's an obvious dream sequence coming from Baltar's mind. I thought the writers of this show were above cheesy sci-fi "twists" like that.

UPDATE: This may not be a dream sequence. Read more here.


ChrisH said...

I don't know if I'm with you on this one.

It was, and contintues to be, an interesting story. Some of it, as usual, was a bit far fetched.

If Ron Moore and Team play out Season 3 like he says in the Now Playing article you linked to, it could be interesting.

Guess we will wait and see... ;-)

Michelle Pessoa said...

I hope they can do something to make me like the characters again. That's all I ask.