Friday, March 17, 2006

Packing for the Hospital

No, labor hasn't begun, I'm being proactive. I've packed my bags. I have two small bags, one with the cord blood collection kit and baby clothes, the other with a change of clothes for myself, nightgown, socks, underwear, a sudoku puzzle book, a couple magazines, an MP3 player, slippers and toilet articles.

I also packed a booklet from the birth class since I've forgotten everything they told me already.

I guess I'm as ready as I'm going to be. The only thing I haven't done yet is install the car seat in the car. That's a sticky issue. My gut tells me that the best thing to do is put it in my car, but that means that my father will have to drive my car to pick me up and he'll change all the mirrors and adjust the seat in a way that will throw me off. But when I asked him about putting it in his car, he seemed to think that was going to be difficult to do (???) and more importantly, we can't put it in there because he thinks that will make someone break into his car.


The crib and the dresser/changing table were delivered on Tuesday. The room is painted. Other than putting up the wallpaper border and putting away the baby's clothes, the room is pretty much done. I always hated that room, but it looks really pretty in there now. I'll take a picture after I put everything away.

One last note -- I'm going to close the baby pool on Monday, since the earliest birthday guess is Tuesday, March 21. If you haven't already entered your guesses for the baby's gender, weight, length and birthday, it's not too late!

Go here to submit your guesses and vote on the baby's name!


Lt. Cmdr Oneida said...

Bring a charger for the MP3 player, they tend to give out when you really don't want them to

Michelle Pessoa said...

Yep, I packed it! ;)