Monday, March 13, 2006


This is very ghetto, but I'm excited because for the first time I have my own washer and dryer in my house. These are portable, mind you. Since I live in a duplex there's no dedicated place in the apartment for a washer and dryer. We're supposed to use the machines in the basement, but the dryers are very bad and there's an individual in the building who acts like she owns the washers and she'll leave her clothes down there for days.


Anyway, we bought these portable machines last week and we attempted to use them for the first time today. The washer attaches to the bathroom sink and there's another hose that pumps the used water into the bathtub. I told you this was ghetto, right? Still, I found it very exciting.

While the washer was doing its thing I read the manual for the dryer. Everything looked cool until I realized that we need a hose to vent the dryer -- and it didn't come with one.


So, my first attempt to do the laundry in my house ended with me having to go down into the basement anyway.

Another thing to buy. :(


Kathleen Hite Babb said...

I sure wish we had room in our apartment for such machines. We live in a third-floor walk up, and in order to do the laundry in the basement, we have to go down the rickety fire escape or go around the block to the back of the building!---i.e. I envy you!!

Michelle Pessoa said...

We don't really have room for the washer and dryer. Trust me. But it's nice being able to not leave the house. Of course, since the washer only holds 12 lbs, we will have to do more loads, more often. ;)