Thursday, March 02, 2006

Pediatrician Interview

After work today I had an appointment to interview a prospective pediatrician for the baby. This is something that the maternity books say you have to do prior to the baby's birth, since the pediatrician will assess the baby within 24 hours after its birth.

Who knew!

I came prepared with a list of questions that I pulled off the website and the doctor was generally cool about answering them. The location of the practice is great -- it's in the same building on the same floor as my OB/GYN. It's easy to get to and there's a parking garage. The doctor and the receptionists were friendly.

Only one thing bothered me -- the waiting room and the carpets were dirty! There were Cheetos on the chairs!

Did I catch them on a bad day? Is that typical of what most pediatrician's offices will look like at the end of a long day with lots of kids coming in and out? :(


Jen said...

I have never seen a messy pediatric waiting room, but, like you said, maybe it was an unusually busy day. If it's convenient, seems like you may want to check in to see if it's always that way. You have to imagine that at some point your child will be that magical age where they're mobile, yet still want to gnaw on everything in sight. (Not that eating a stray cheeto is by any means catastrophic :) )

flu said...

I'd probably consider that common and typical.

Now, if the appointment were the first of the day and you noticed that?... yeeeeck.

Lt. Cmdr Oneida said...

Cheetos? Hmmm :)

Messy is fine, dirty not so good. You could go back and ask them if they wipe down toys and furniture and with what, and they should vacuum at least once a day, though often they are too busy to do it during the day. My advice is check the toilet room and see how clean that is, though it will probably be a bit messy.

Michelle Pessoa said...

It was messy in a "kid" kind of way -- lots of crumbs. Not messy like a public bathroom at a sports arena, or anything. ;)

I'm going to go back and peek at the place early tomorrow morning to see if it looks better. I also want to see how the kids in the waiting area act. You, know, if they're fearful of the doctors at this place.

A Army Of (Cl)One said...

We had 3 diffrent Kid doctors whne mu boys were small (one Doc moved, one Doc took on to many kids, the waiting rooms varied, but always had a lived in look by the end of the day. Onlty time I saw them completly clean was a 7:30 am visit and a 8:30 pm vist. So If the Doctors are good and freindly it should be no problem

Michelle Pessoa said...

I was back in the same building today for a sonogram and I checked out the office. It looked MUCH better at 11 a.m. than it had last week at the end of the day.

I feel better now. :)