Saturday, March 04, 2006

Last Day

I made it through my last day of work yesterday.

It really wasn't too bad. The day went by fairly quickly and I was able to finish documenting the things I'd set out to do and leaving things in a state where others can pick up (hopefully) without too much trouble.

There was a shower thing at the end of the day which was less stressful that I'd imagined it might be. I couldn't really eat much of the cookies, pecan pie and cupcakes, 'cause I'm not much of a dessert person, so I took those home. Mom has more of a sweet tooth than me.

I received two gifts -- a gift card for Buy Buy Baby (I'll use that to get the breast pump) and a preemie-sized gift clothing set from Marlon, one of my many cousins.

The only thing weird about the shower thing was this guy that I've never spoken to who showed up. We had a pleasant conversation about baby names and he complimented my choices and I HAVE NO IDEA WHO THAT GUY IS.

I assume he wasn't a figment of my imagination (someone would've said something if I was talking to myself for fifteen minutes), but that was just weird. I guess he came for the cookies and iced tea.

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