Friday, March 03, 2006

BSG: Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 1

The Colonials have inexplicably decided that now's a good time to act on Kara's information about the resistance on Caprica. A volunteer group of pilots is briefed by Starbuck and they plan a series of jumps to take them back to their homeworld.

Meanwhile, the presidential candidates engage in a series of debates. With Baltar trailing in the polls, he needs to latch onto an idea that will propel him past Laura. His chance comes when one of the raptors in Kara's group jumps to the wrong coordinates and accidentally finds a habitable planet. Baltar, at the urging of Six in his mind and Zarek in real life, advocates that the fleet should settle here and give up the search for Earth.

On Caprica, Kara finds her lover Anders' group with ease, but moments after their reunion, a Cylon ambush erupts.

Things I Liked:

  • The priest (Dean Stockwell) counseling Tyrol seems interesting. His no-nonsense approach was refreshing. Maybe he'll become a recurring character.

  • No Lee and Dualla scenes, thank God.

Things I Didn't Like:

  • The violence against Callie was truly senseless. That didn't advance the storyline at all.

  • There needed to be an episode before this showing how the crew of the Pegasus has reacted to three commanders being killed and having the son of the Galactica's commander being put in charge. They can't be pleased.


  • I hate to say it, but this series is starting to get tired. What's going on here isn't compelling enough for me. Next week's 90-minute season finale has to do a LOT to impress me.

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