Sunday, August 21, 2005

Are You Ready to Tanqueray?

Tony Sinclair. Fake?
The other day I mused over the curious choice of Snoop Dogg as a spokesman for Chrysler. Ironically, the spokesman job he should've been tapped for was for Tanqueray gin. One of Snoop's greatest hits is the immortal Gin & Juice in which he mentions Tanqueray by name!


Instead of Snoop, Tanqueray is using someone named "Tony Sinclair" in their new commercials. According to their website, Tony is a "socialite" and a DJ from London's East End. In the commercials, Tony, who unfortunately has bad teeth and looks like total skeezer when he smiles, is at upscale parties commenting on other people's "lack of moderation" or having his ice cubes perfectly shaped by a jeweler.

Again, here's the question:

Will black Americans buy more Tanqueray because of a black Briton, who's gotta be a fake?

Will old white guys (the primary purchasers of gin) be grossed out by this guy?


Elventide said...

I don't buy gin and I'm still grossed out by this guy.

Michelle Pessoa said...


Gin is nasty anyway, so maybe it's fitting.