Tuesday, August 16, 2005

BSG: The Farm

Spc. Callie cools her heels in the brig after shooting Boomer last week.
Another good episode, but a little weak on the Caprica side.

Stuff I liked:

  • Apollo couldn't make the tape denouncing his father and Laura and Zarek were pissed at him. LOL!

  • No Baltar in this episode. He's best used sparingly.

  • Adama does look like a man that has had a brush with death. His movements are slower and more deliberate. Good!

  • Callie earned 30 days in the brig for shooting Boomer. Good! Discipline must be maintained.

  • Laura makes a religious appeal to the people of the fleet to follow her back to Kobol. And a third of the ships join her, much to Adama's irritation.

  • Tyrol comes to Adama to speak on Callie's behalf, but Adama is more interested in quizzing Tyrol about Boomer -- "Did you love her?" Later, Adama cries when he looks at her body in the morgue. He has been shaken to the core because, evidently, he loved her as a daughter.

Stuff I didn't like:

  • Starbuck, why did you sleep with that jerk from the Caprica Buccaneers? Jeez, what a ho.

  • We learn that Starbuck had all of her fingers broken in childhood. So, a woman can't be strong unless there's abuse in her past.

  • Starbuck gets a pelvic exam from a Cylon. Disgusting.

  • How did Starbuck get shot and captured? She was standing right next to Helo.


  • I think the filthy Cylons may have taken some of Starbuck's eggs to use in breeding experiments. Vile!

      The Box said...

      I had problems with Sharon being so quickly accepted by the whole crew. I mean, coupla episodes ago, Starbuck's shooting at her and she steals their raider, now they're taking military advice from her?

      Also, I don't think the whole Starbuck shags a jock does anything for the story. I mean, we established all this stuff before. You don't gotta hammer home her sexuality, you don't gotta make her cry to show her range or her depth. A bit heavy handed.

      It coulda been real nice this episode.
      What a shame.

      Michelle Pessoa said...

      I agree about Sharon. She's dangerous. She can't be trusted. Why would they listen to anything she says? Why wouldn't they assume they were being led into a trap?

      Helo has an emotional investment in her, so you can see why he's acting like an idiot, but Starbuck should put her foot down and refuse any so-called help from Boomer.

      Isiah Preuett said...

      Excellent, that was really well explained and helpful

      Michelle Pessoa said...

      Thanks, Isiah! I will post more reviews when the show resumes in January.