Monday, August 22, 2005

Being Bobby Brown

Bobby in the good old days.
I'm surprised at myself, but I have to admit I like Being Bobby Brown, the reality show on Bravo about the ex-New Edition star and recurring jailbird.

Bobby is surprisingly likeable in a pathetic loser sort of way. We watch him as he gets out of jail, gorges himself on lobster like he has no home training and goofs around with his three illegitimate kids and one legitimate one. The theme of the show, if there is one, is that Bobby is trying to make yet another comeback. He's working on an album of mediocre R&B songs and showing up at photo shoots with swelling under his eyes that he vainly tries to get rid of by applying Preparation H to his face.

In one touching episode he showed up at the Jimmy Kimmel show, unsure of what he was supposed to do, but managed to summon up a performance of Roni that made you remember that this man was once the shit. Watching from back stage, Landon, Bobby's eldest bastard son (I swear this kid looks twenty. Bobby fathered him at 15??) was practically in tears as he cast adoring looks at his dad on the monitor.

But you KNOW what the real reason to watch this show is.

Mrs. Brown.

Whitney. Houston.


As you stare into her junkie eyes and wince as every other word out of her filthy mouth has to be censored, you remind yourself that this woman was once the black "girl next door."

This was once America's sweetheart.

And the more I watch this show, the more I have to say to myself, Bobby didn't do this to her. The "good girl" image had to have been a sham from the get go. No human being can bring another to this level unless they were already there.

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