Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Venezuela: The Next War?

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.
Brace yourself -- the next country our soldiers may get the opportunity to die in may be Venezuela.


Well, they've got oil. They're America's forth largest oil-supplier. Venezuela own Citgo. You've heard of them, right?

Of course, we can't just march in there and take the oil. I mean, even we have a little subtlety.

No, what we do is the usual thing. We say their leader is evil and he's trying to destabilize the region. Ho hum. Haven't we seen this before? At what point are we going to stop needlessly making new enemies and creating the next generation of young people with beef against us?

President Hugo Chavez doesn't like the U.S., okay? He runs his mouth. SO WHAT? Fuck that guy. Ignore his ass. Take the high road, for God's sake.

The only new thing about this current pre-aggression dance is that Pat Robertson is in on the demonizing too. Why this particular dictator irks him I don't know, but Pat recently suggested that we avoid a messy war and just assassinate Chavez.

I guess this is what Jesus wants.

From TIME.com: Why Pat Robertson's Statements Help Hugo Chavez

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