Saturday, August 20, 2005

BSG: Home, Part 1

I love you, Starbuck! Smooch!
I didn't like this episode too much. It didn't suck, but I felt a lot of characters were acting, well, out of character.

Things I Liked:
  • Laura was pretty slick in dealing with Sharon (at first). She told everyone to put their guns down, then told her peeps to put Sharon out the airlock. LOL! Of course they didn't go through with it, but I thought that was a strong move.
  • Zarek comes clean in private with his second-in-command, Meier. Neither believes in the religious thing going on, but they'll use others' beliefs to further their ends. I liked Zarek's quote: "I believe in the power of myth."
  • Birch, the guy Adama picks to replace Lee as the "CAG," is a total fuck up. He takes too long to do a routine refueling mission and later he nearly gets two "nuggets" killed when his orders on a training run are unclear. Tigh speaks up, of course, but even Gaeda says to Adama that the guy is too green to handle the job.
  • Baltar in his brief scene, was introspective about what happened with Sharon. He regrets not having asked Sharon for more detail about the eight remaining Cylons when he had a chance, and it seems that he regrets this because he could've helped others with this knowledge.

Things I Didn't Like:
  • Do I have to say this again? Sharon can't be trusted. It's insane to listen to her, no matter how you slice it. Whatever.
  • Adama's scene where he has Dualla in his quarters just rubbed me the wrong way. Not that there was anything sexual going on, but he's a basically by-the-book guy and it's inappropriate for the Commander to have a young female petty officer in his quarters. More importantly, it didn't seem like she'd be the person he would confide in about his fears.
  • I never cared for Elosha (AKA "Miss Cleo"), but I think the character was killed off prematurely. She did have an important function with regards to Laura. Laura is going to be totally winging it now on the religious front.
  • Lee runs up to Starbuck and kisses her when she returns. Fuck that guy. I just don't like him. His emotions are all over the place. One of the last things he did last season was punch her in the face. Then he tells her in this episode that she should confide in him and he loves her (you know, platonically). What a prick. Sorry, that just wasn't believable.


  • Adama seems realistically different after his shooting, but I'm concerned about a permanent change because, frankly, I liked his mature machismo. Maybe the personality change is necessary because the Olmos Adama is a lot more like the Lloyd Bridges Caine in the original show. And since Caine is coming (sorry for the mild spoiler), the personalities of the two commanders need to be sharply defined and very different.

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