Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Circle is Now Complete

On Sunday I visited BlogMapping, a site that allows you to see who’s blogging in your neighborhood.

I typed in my zip code and found Jamaican Queen’s site. This was only the second blog I’d ever come across that was written by a black woman, so I was excited.

In her “Because Joy tagged me” post Jamaican Queen tagged NJ Diva Girl, also a sistah. Diva’s risqué “Three’s Company” post caught the attention of Luke Cage, a brother who’s a graphic artist and comic book fan.

I entered “Luke’s” old school rap contest and tossed out a freestyle verse. I liked a comment laid down by Amadeo Sogni, a brother who’s into just about everything.

And from Amadeo’s site I found Jedi of the Old Republic and Jedi Consular, two dudes who pen Star Wars for Colored Folks.

The circle is now complete.

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