Sunday, October 30, 2005

The Complimenting Commenter!

I’ve been complimented!

I was complimented by the Complimenting Commenter!


Now I get to add a banner to my blog!

(proud look)

In other news, I found out how much my blog is worth. Hmph! And my other blog, which is so much more creative (LOL!) is worth $0! Nada! Zilch! Nothing!

My blog is worth $5,080.86.
How much is your blog worth?


Le laquet said...

I was worth a little over $12,300 ... I could buy plenty of Swiss chocolate with that ... yumm! I love the my secret life meme ... i feel a theft coming on!

p.s. hello from Michele!

mar said...

Good for you!!! mine is worth $0.0 out there, it is priceless for me! LOL. Michele sent me, have a nice sunday!

Shannon said...

Complimented! Wow, I'm jealous.

Typho's blog is worth $0 ??? Unbelievable.

You post the coolest meme's. I'm gonna steal some.

Jodie said...

Hi! I'm from Michele! I've seen this stuff about Meme's around a lot. What are they? (I must seem so behind the times!)

Canadian Mark said...

Hey, I'm here from Michele's. Neat stuff. I'm going to check out how much my blog is worth. I think I'll hunt down a box of tissue first, just in case.

Pearl said...

Hello, Michele sent me.Glad to hear the complmenting generator is still around.

Brotha Buck said...

Don't quit your job quite yet, these things are cyclical.

Maggie said...

Going to check if mine is worth -0
Michele sent me

kenju said...

Michelle, I had no idea that you were Captain Typho too! Way to go!

Michele sent me.

Michelle Pessoa said...

So many questions! Let me get busy and answer them all.

Shannon, yes, Typho's blog is worthless. The good Captain gets no respect. That's an on-going theme in his posts, so that fits.

Jodie, a meme is a viral topic that spreads from one blog to another. If you see something you like on someone else's blog, you blog about it, your blogfriends pick it up and before you know it, everyone's doing it.

Buck, it's all good. ;)

Kenju, yep, that's me. I only update my "creative" blog once a week or so, 'cause it's harder to write than this blog. I guess that's why it's worth $0!

Thanks to everyone who left comments from Michele's!