Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Iraq 2K

Well, we hit another sorry milestone in the war in Iraq this week. The death toll has hit 2,000 and we’re still over there, nearly three years after “major hostilities” supposedly ended in 2003.

I got an email from the Navy Reserve the other day asking me if I’d care to re-up in the military. They’re taking people up to age 39 now and you’ll come in with no reduction in rank if you have prior service in any branch.

They’re totally desperate for bodies.

Read more on the 2,000 dead.


Florida Voter said...

2000 people.

We'll probably be there for at least another 3-5 years, and even then it's suspect if we can leave.

What a waste of time, effort, money, and lives.

Michelle Pessoa said...

I try not to look at the names too closely. With so many dead from the Reserves, I'm sure that someone I went to Basic or AIT or AT with is on the list by now.

Such a waste of lives.

Brother OMi said...

what? them folks called you...? wow. thats bugged.

Michelle Pessoa said...

They emailed me. They'll phone me at some point when they've burned through all the unfortunate people in the Ready Reserve.

esmerelda said...

Thanks for coming by my blog via Michele. Let me know when you do the meme.

You have interesting post. Yes it is sad, very sad, and a waste.

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ainelivia said...

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dena said...

And already, it's over 2,000. Each one of these deaths saddens me. I have only been to one soldier's funeral. His death was the biggest waste of a wonderful life.

Carmi said...

It's an awful tragedy from every perspective. I wrote about it on my own blog, and it touched off some interesting comments as well:

Dropped in from Michele's again.

Michelle Pessoa said...

Hi, ainelivia! I was getting spammed, but it's worth turning off some controls to get comments from more people.