Wednesday, October 19, 2005

"Last" Meme

I stole this meme from It Ain't Safe Nowhere.

Last Cigarette: Never had one.

Last Alcoholic Drink: Coors Light, I think.

Last Car Ride: Drove my dogs to the groomers to get their nails done.

Last Kiss: A kiss on the cheek from my cousin James two weeks ago.

Last Good Cry: No cry is "good."

Last Library Book: I borrowed a book about African-Americans in the Korean War from a military library in... 2002?

Last book bought: Cascading Style Sheets: The Definitive Guide, 2nd Edition by Eric A. Meyer.

Last magazine: Photoshop User

Last Book Read: Sudoku Easy by Will Shortz.

Last Movie Seen in Theatres: Revenge of The Sith. But that's not the last movie I've seen.

Last Movie Rented: Riverdance.

Last "Cuss" Word Uttered: Fuck.

Last Beverage Drank: Tea.

Last Food Consumed: Roasted chicken.

Last Phone Call: From my mom telling me that my dogs are on the couch sleeping.

Last TV Show Watched: Supernatural. It ain't getting any better.

Last Time Showered: This morning.

Last Shoes Worn: K-Swiss Classic Luxury Edition. (Jeez, what a pretentious name for a simple sneaker.)

Last CD Played: Late Registration by Kanye West. So overrated!!

Last Item Bought: Replacement glass for the shattered window on my Kia Sorento.

Last Download: The latest 8-pack for Acid pro.

Last Annoyance: Several people online.

Last Disappointment: Having my car window shattered by some motherfucker two weeks ago.

Last Soda Drank: Pepsi.

Last Thing Written: A comment on someone's blog.

Last Key Used: My house key.

Last Words Spoken: "It's freaking cold in here."

Last Sleep: Last night.

Last Ice Cream Eaten: Chocolate from Cold Stone Creamery.

Last Chair Sat In: I'm sitting at my desk right now.

Last Webpage Visited: Amadeo Sogni


Chancellor Palpatine said...

Cool, I made your list!

And BTW, I LOVE Cold Stone Creamery.

Michelle Pessoa said...

There must be some narcotics in that ice cream. Nothing made from natural ingredients is that good.