Saturday, October 08, 2005


Oh shit, where's the ball?
Game four of the Division Series between the Yanks and the Angels was postponed until Sunday, since the remnants of tropical storm Tammy has been hammering us for the last 15 hours.

If the Yanks fail to come back and win this series, this is what I'm going to remember:

Game 2, seventh inning. Alex Rodriguez fails to handle a routine ball in a winnable game and we go back to New York 1-1 instead of 2-0. You can't give away outs at this level of the game. When Robinson Cano does it, I can deal with it. He's 22 years-old and he's goofy. When A-rod does it, I'm disgusted. He's not loveable, he's not endearing. You can't look at him and say, "Oh, he'll get better." He should already be there.


He'll probably be given the MVP award in a few weeks, but I'd rather look out the window at work that day and see tickertape floating in the air on Broadway.

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