Sunday, October 16, 2005

Halloween Movies

With Halloween approaching, I’d like to recommend three lesser known horror movies for your enjoyment:

  • The Abominable Dr. Phibes -- Featuring Vincent Price and Joseph Cotton. This revenge plot centers on the reemergence of a organist thought to be dead who seeks out the ten people involved in the death of his wife. The tale skillfully mixes in humor with events from the Old Testament.

  • Snow White: A Tale of Terror -- Featuring Sigourney Weaver and Sam Neill. A creepy retelling of the familiar Brothers Grimm fairy tale. If you think you know the story, you’ll be thrown off by some of what goes on in the movie.

  • Dead of Night -- A group of strangers gathered at an English estate share tales of the supernatural, some amusing, some sinister. The ending is clever.

I’ll add some more movies as I review my DVD collection in the next two weeks.


Mar said...

Happy Halloween! thanks for visiting my blog!

Chatty said...

Oh, I don't know...movies like this scare the hell out of me!!

Thanks for stopping by!

doug said...

Hi Michelle, from Micheles' hehehe and you should add Tim Burton's "Nightmare before Christmas" to the list.... get a dual holiday thing out of it! (and cash in on Corpse Bride tail feathers too....)

WOW! Word Verification Euphemisms to beat the band here today! (my new version of "tagging" blogs!):

"bdvgathi" =
"Brandt Douglas Versteegh Gathers Avocados Till He's Insatiated" LOLOL!

(so close to the initials of my name and what I was doing outside in the rain!)

Courtney said...

Horror movies are beyond my will to watch.
Michele sent me.

Michelle Pessoa said...

Doug, I think you've discovered a new hobby.

My word verification image is "thiaq".

"This horse is a quack."

Nah, makes no sense. ;)