Friday, October 28, 2005

My Stalker

In honor of Halloween, I will tell you about my stalker.

There is an individual who emails me periodically. Sometimes months go by, sometimes years. I never email him back. This has been going on for about four years now.

He thinks I can get him a job, but I can’t. He has beef with my boss and the entire organization I work for, yet I think he thinks I can get him re-hired here. I can’t do that.

He seems to have had a breakdown after leaving this job. He insinuated that he was a victim of witchcraft perpetrated by either my boss, or someone else at my job. He believes that because of this curse put on him, he has been unable to get a job for the last four years.

He’s a large man. As I recall, he’s about 6' 4", 230lbs. He has military training and he sounds very, very unhappy in his emails. He has made no threats, and mostly I ignore this, but it is kinda creepy.

HR has told me that they can do nothing. He has done nothing wrong.

If you, my stalker, are reading this, please stop.

I can’t help you.


Karen said...

That is SO creepy! You poor thing. It's the dark side of technology, isn't it? Thank goodness for the delete button.

Here via Michele's....

zazzafooky said...

Oooohhh, I'd be seriously freaking out. It seems like you're handling it well. Just keep your guard up a little.

Lisa M said...

Michele sent me. I hate when I get skipped. And stalked.

kenju said...

Hi, Michelle, I hate getting skipped, so I decided to come and see you,. I sure hope that guy stops emailing you. Michele sent me.

novaks8 said...

Hey I saw that you were skipped so I came.

I used to have a stalker, kind of.

His name was Shawn I think.

he was VERY strange.

He sent me money for my birthday. I sent it back.

He sent me strange pictures, pictures of himself...etc
He always put himself down SO badly it was scary.

He said he looked like a human Bart Simpson.
I didnt see it.
He wasnt gorgeous but not that bad.

But then he started railing against Lowe's stores. I can't remember if he was fired or thought he was supposed to be promoted. Anyway it was all "They WILL pay"
Then someone tried to blow one up in SC which wasn't far from where Shawn was.
It freaked me OUT.
I even called the police.
But they caught the guy and it wasn't him.

The last time he e-mailed me he asked me about a dome church that was being built here because he wants to build a dome home.
I ignored his e-mail.
Don't even want to go down that road again.

He always insinuated more to our friendship than there was.

some folks are very strange.

Michelle Pessoa said...

Wow, that is creepy. :(

Oreo said...

WOW! That would freak me out!! What is wrong with people nowadays...(I say as if I'm ancient!!) Here from Michele's. I think I'd make sure the police knew about this, even if they can't do anything now, God forbid, if something ever did happen, you know. Be safe chicky.

Marybeth said...

Man...freaky. Michele sent me! Be safe.

Kross-Eyed Kitty said...

Hello! Rest safely...I'm not your stalker! Here via Michele's...

Barbara said...

Hello, Michele sent me, I hope he stops.

dena said...

That's very creepy. And your description of him makes it even creepier....

Carmi said...

As long as it sticks to e-mail, no harm no foul. But it often doesn't stop at that level.

Speak to your IT department to see if the e-mails can be traced and blocked. It's a lot easier than it sounds. If something DOES happen, HR may be held liable for not doing more to ensure your safety.

Visiting from Michele's tonight.

Pearl said...

Wow, poor guy. Maybe send him counselling lit anonymously, either psych, or job counselling service info.

Tangee said...

That is horrible, oh my gosh. Keep records, that is the smart thing to do. I hope this guy stops.

Michelle Pessoa said...

Carmi, I'm going to take your advice about having the emails blocked and/or traced.

Thanks to all for your suggestions!