Friday, October 21, 2005

Honor The Fallen... With Pez

I found this story through Boing Boing:
Dear Sir:

Pez, though of Austrian origin, has long been a producer and custodian of American icons. As a sculptor who works with American cultural themes, your contribution toward our national heritage has greatly inspired me over the years. Within the great variety of Pez dispensers produced since 1952 there has been little representation of African-American culture (save the "Psychedelic Eye with Black Hand" and the "Misfit Witch with Brilliant Black Head"). It is with this in mind that I present to you the "Fallen Rapper Series." The enclosed prototypes include the rappers Biggie Smalls, Eazy-E and Tupac Shakur. Each of these deceased musicians has been an important contributor to the evolution of Rap music, furthermore, each has given their life for their art. These small memorials will act as reminders of our diverse heritage and pay tribute to what is perhaps the most innovative form of contemporary American music.

So basically, some genius wants to immortalize these rappers in freakin’ Pez.

This is just silly.

The clay model above really does look like Biggie, though. ;)

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